Please note: we have had a small increase in our subscription fees. This is the first increase in a number of years. Please don’t hesitate to call the office should you wish to discuss this.

Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market Prices -  Ausmarket Consultants

Fruit and Vegetable Market Price Reporting Services shifted from State Government funding and operation to private or Industry based service providers many years ago. This change resulted in a need to fund such operations through payment for the services that they provide. In virtually all cases, Fruit and Vegetable Market Price Reporting Services are now totally dependent on the revenue that they raise to continue operating.

Individual Market Reporting Services operate independently in each of the Central Markets. All provide a range of report options and historic market data to their clients. Subscribers seeking information from a single Market should contact the relevant Reporting Service directly. Links to each of the individual Reporting Services are listed under Contributing Services on the Home Page of this website.

Some subscribers may need to obtain information from a cross section of Markets for comparison purposes. Whist it is possible to subscribe to a number of individual Reporting Services separately, the process has been simplified by having an over arching organization to handle such requests. Ausmarket Consultants, which commenced trading in 2000, deals with requests for Market Price Reports or Historic Market Data where two or more Markets are involved. The benefits to subscribers include - dealing with a single entity, uniformity in product descriptions, reports and data arriving from a number of sources simultaneously, and a single subscription payment.

Contributing Reporting Services are reimbursed by Ausmarket Consultants when their prices or data are provided to Ausmarket Consultants clients.